Who We Are

The Columbus Veg Community (CVC) Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) animal protection organization          that strives to protect animals, the environment, and human health by engaging in grassroots efforts to share the benefits of plant-based lifestyles with the community.

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Throughout each year, the CVC participates in or hosts: leafletting events, Paid-Per-Views, documentary screenings, small veg food sampling events on OSU's campus, community dinners for those in need, public lectures with renowned speakers, Sunrise Sanctuary clean-ups, Vegan Pop-Up Markets, peaceful rodeo demonstrations, peaceful circus demonstrations, presentations on plant-based living to local organizations and high school classrooms, and our largest event of the year the Ohio VegFest! 

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The CVC embraces the philosophy of effective altruism in all events and strives to meet people where they are at, whether that be exploring Meatless Mondays, trying vegetarian, transitioning to veganism, or anywhere along the spectrum! 

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Shoot us a message! We would love to see you at an event!

Want to learn more or get involved? Shoot us a message! We would love to hear from you!

The Committee


Kaylyn is a long time animal lover and animal protection activist. At 16 years old she hosted her first veg event with a community potluck at her local community center. Over a decade later, she is over the moon about helping coordinate the first annual Ohio VegFest. Kaylyn has one year of experience coordinating plant-based events in Columbus, and over a decade of leadership experience in social justice organizations. In her free time, Kaylyn loves to hug cows at Sunrise Sanctuary and watch adorable pig videos on YouTube.


Miranda is a long time vegan and activist with over a decade of experience volunteering with various groups including Sunrise Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, and the Ohio Wildlife Center Animal Hospital. She brings to the table creativity and passion for sharing the joys of veganism with everyone in Columbus. In her free time Miranda loves bird watching, traveling, and making cruelty free body products. One day, Miranda plans to run her own animal sanctuary for abused, neglected, and special needs animals.


Evan Thomas is a graduate student in the philosophy department at Ohio State University writing a dissertation about the history of philosophical thought about the minds of animals. Evan went vegan in 2014 after reading Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” and is well read in animal ethics and food ethics. Evan is interested in using philosophy to enrich lives and to encourage critical reflection on the status of animals in society. In his free time, Evan enjoys following politics and playing his banjo for his 5 cats.


Cassie is no spring chicken to activism and animal protection! At 8 years old she went vegetarian and at 16 years old she went vegan. Now a student at OSU she coordinates animal protection events as the President of the OSU student group Reaching Out For Animal Rights (ROAR) and as the PETA2 OSU Campus Representative. When Cassie isn't engaging in activism, or studying environmental economics, she loves to cook delicious vegan foods and desserts and play with her furbaby ferret. 

Want to learn more about the Columbus Veg Community or want to get involved?

Shoot us a message! We would love to hear from you!

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